Overlord is in tha house!

January 23, 2019 overlord 0

I’ve finished up assembling and painting the Overlord. Very cool model I have to say. I’ll do the Nihilakh colour scheme later. #necrons #warhammer40k

Scarabs + Overlord

January 12, 2019 overlord 0

New models to build and paint … Introducing the Scarabs and the very cool Overlord #warhammer40k #paintingminis #necrons

Merry Kill Team

December 25, 2018 overlord 0

Merry Kill Team … where Christmas🎄is the main objective. #merrychristmas #killteam #warhammer40k

Ultramarines vs Necrons

October 11, 2018 overlord 0

Yeah … I took down a Necron Kill Team tonight in the GW Kill Team Campaign. Ultramarines vs Necrons in Terror Tactics … Ultramarines win […]

Necrons for My Son

September 12, 2018 overlord 0

Painting up my son’s Necrons as a surprise for when he gets back from camp, so we can run a Kill Team. Shhhh. Meanwhile, I’m […]