Turn Clock

July 3, 2019 overlord 0

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had issues with time management in my games of Warhammer 40k, so being tech minded, it was obvious that I […]

Contrast Deathmark

July 2, 2019 overlord 0

Well, I figured I’d paint one of my Deathmark models in the same/similar colour scheme to my Deceiver. Here’s a WIP and I’ll post the […]

Contrast Blob

July 1, 2019 overlord 0

So the Akhelian Green Contrast paint dried much darker and thicker than I wanted. The next day there was a blob which I touched with […]

How Plain

June 27, 2019 overlord 0

You know Games Workshop have the most basic and boring packaging for their premium web order models … #justsaying #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop #plainpackaging

Hang Out and Contrast

June 14, 2019 overlord 0

Tonight on 40K Friday, Games Workshop is having a special Hang Out and Paint episode on Twitch. It’s Hang Out and Contrast!