5-week break

November 3, 2019 overlord 0

It’s been nearly 5 weeks since I’ve touched a brush/mini, so I worked on the Doomsday Ark cannon. #necrons #warhammer40k #minipainting

Rise of the Red Wraiths

August 25, 2019 overlord 0

So over the weekend, I got cracking and Leadbelcher-ed my 3 sprues of Canoptek Wraiths from out the Apocalypse Outrider Detachment box. I then went […]

Grab ’em by the horns!

July 7, 2019 overlord 0

So, I took a photo of my new C’tan Deceiver and from this angle, it looks like he’s holding his horn! #ctan#necrons #warhammer40k #contrastpaints

Contrast Deathmark

July 2, 2019 overlord 0

Well, I figured I’d paint one of my Deathmark models in the same/similar colour scheme to my Deceiver. Here’s a WIP and I’ll post the […]

Contrast Blob

July 1, 2019 overlord 0

So the Akhelian Green Contrast paint dried much darker and thicker than I wanted. The next day there was a blob which I touched with […]

Hang Out and Contrast

June 14, 2019 overlord 0

Tonight on 40K Friday, Games Workshop is having a special Hang Out and Paint episode on Twitch. It’s Hang Out and Contrast!