Necrons vs Raptors

August 31, 2019 overlord 0

Necrons vs Raptors 0-4 conceded at end of round 3 on The Four Pillars. Brought a bunch of troops but when the Tomb Blades and […]

Necrons vs Eldar

August 15, 2019 overlord 0

Necrons vs Eldar 1000pts … falling to their physic powers and their blades 1-4 on mission Cut Off The Head. #warhammer40k #warhammercapalaba #cutoffthehead #matchedplay

Necrons vs Iron Warriors

July 11, 2019 overlord 0

Took my C’tan Deceiver for a spin last night, he was awesome. Played The Four Pillars vs Billy’s Iron Warriors. Final score 4-4 draw. #warhammer40k #warhammercapalaba […]

Necrons vs Deathwatch

May 2, 2019 overlord 0

Tonight I got to play Ryan’s Deathwatch and had another win. The score was 6-2 to the Necrons on The Four Pillars Mission 1000pts Matched […]

Necrons vs Reavers

March 29, 2019 overlord 0

Today I played, Necrons vs Reavers on the Narrow the Search (ala Battle Royale) mission from Chapter Approved 2018. It was a very close game, […]