Sold Out, Price Gouges and More … The Indomitus Saga

On Saturday, Games Workshop released the 9th edition Launch Box – Indomitus with a bunch of Space Marines (cool bikes and some skeleton on a shield) and cool new Necron figures, like the Reanimator ❤️. We’d already gotten a chance to look at the rules and whilst some of the Necron stuff looked okay such as My Will Be Done applying to every Necron not just Infantry; to me it just looking like another shafting. Using my crystal ball, I could see myself months from now after painstaking building/painting (enjoying along the way) and then wanting to play, to find myself getting smashed at local stores and tournaments again. 😒

This time I said no… no more, well, up to a point. 🧐 I kept looking at Indomitus reviews, unboxing videos and I was nearly sucked back in when Objective Secured did a Facebook Live about the box. Mike did a great job answering everyone’s questions, albeit not as much Necron as I would like.

Even up to the day of the launch, I wanted to know a price — that was going to be my deciding factor. I’d heard of prices up to $350 and the most recent was $290 — which turned out to be correct, unless you take into account Games Workshop’s “Essential” set for $553, which includes all the Chapter Approved stuff. Anyway, I was going to buy it from mperor — I’d even prestated on their website that I was going to … but in a matter of minutes nee seconds, it was sold out. 😱

Apologies came from mperor 🙇🏼‍♂️. Though you can’t really blame them. It turned out they’d not received as many copies as they thought and were promising. From online accounts I’ve seen, local stores got up to 45 copies each. That’s it. Yet, somehow, some guy has 100 of them available on eBay for double the price.

So, I’m backing out… for the moment. I was already disappointed to not see 9th edition have much more simplified rules, but instead rather wordy legalise. To be honest, I’m getting more fun out of playing Aeronautica Imperialis — check us out over at Infinite Skies. 🛩

Update 14/7: Games Workshop is now doing a made to order for the Indomitus box. Hopefully, that takes care of those that missed out and the scalpers.

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