DDA stands for Damn, Doesn’t Align

So, I ran into a little (well big) issue when assembling my Doomsday Ark. I’d glued the Doomsday cannon to the main body and then went about working on the arches or ribs. I made sure the ribs all dry fitted together and then I went about plastic glueing them together.

To my surprise, when I went to fit them over the Doomsday cannon, I noticed that the alignment was terribly out of wack. In order to get it so the Doomsday cannon is in the middle, I will need to do something with arches/ribs such as adding green stuff or shaving something down. Both of those prospects aren’t good, so I went to one of my trusty Necron Facebook Group to see if they could help.

Unfortunately, I got a lot of comments where people haven’t seen that before 🙁 — though I did get sympathy — until the next day when someone mentioned they’d seen it before and they “managed to get it lined up perfectly after shaving a bit off”.

So, guess that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.

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