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Today was the 750 point 40K Warhammer Capalaba School Holiday Tournament with 4 games from Chapter Approved 2018 over the course of the day, from a pool of 8-9 players:- 4 regulars from Capalaba (including me), 1 dropout and 4 guys who frequent Brisbane Gaming Collective (BGC) at Coorparoo.

I thought I had a decent list, even thought 750 points is quite limiting in terms of what you can bring. I went for HQ options with buffs and as many troops as I could muster, 6 x Tesla Tomb Blades to do all the shooting and a Doom Scythe as my distraction unit.

First game I was up against the Genestealer Cults with the mission Narrow the Search, where in turn 1, my opponent used a stratagem to be able to have all models in a unit throw multiple grenades, enabling him to wipe my Tomb Blades off the board. It all went downhill from there.

Ended Turn 3. Loss 1-4.

My second game was up against Drukhari — a bunch of Venoms with Kabalite Warriors, Raiders/Ravagers and Archons. This mission did not go my way at all — Vital Intelligence where “At the start of each battle round, the player who had the first turn rolls a D6 (this cannot be re-rolled for any reason). On a 6, all objective markers are active for that battle round. On any other result, the objective marker which corresponds to the number rolled is active for that battle round” — well the rolls kept the objectives on my opponents side of the board and he outscored me each and every turn.

Ended Turn 5. Loss 0-6.

Third game was against one big ass model, Magnus the Red on The Four Pillars. He charged, he destroyed by Doom Scythe, he spawned more Pink Horrors, Tomb Blades shot, he spawned Blue Horrors from Pink ones and then Magnus mopped up the rest of my units.

Ended Turn 4. Loss 1-7.

My fourth and final game of the day was against Adeptus Mechanicus on Supplies from Above. This afternoon the wind gods were on my side and I managed to win a majority of the roll-offs. This enabled me to get an early lead with objective points and I was then able to hold that lead up til the end.

Ended Turn 5. Win 6-3.

So, I ended up 1-3 on the day, coming second last overall. I was feeling pretty down after the 3 losses in a row, but the win was a nice ending to the day. The best thing is I got to play 4 games of 40k in a tournament-style environment. Thanks to Warhammer Capalaba for putting on the day and congrats to Gareth on his flawless victory.

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