Rise of the Red Wraiths

So over the weekend, I got cracking and Leadbelcher-ed my 3 sprues of Canoptek Wraiths from out the Apocalypse Outrider Detachment box. I then went over to a mate’s place and had a “Hang Out and Paint” session or should I say, a “Hang Out and Build” session, as I managed to get the majority of the Wraiths built so they were ready for painting later that night.

The colour scheme I decided to go for with this Wraith unit, was Red and Silver. The red is coming from the new Contrast Blood Angels Red. Zack (Warhammer Capalaba Manager) gave me a test run of it in the store last week, so I knew this was the red I was going to use. I also knew I was going to run this unit with Transdimensional Beamers instead of Whip Coils, like my other unit. To be honest, I only went with Whip Coils on my last unit because at the time that’s what everyone was saying (the “meta”) to use — and back then I had no idea, so I just went with it.

These days, things are a little different … there isn’t much of an advantage running Whip Coils over stock, yet you pay for it in the point cost. So, anyway, I’m going Transdimensional Beamer on this unit — look out!

Mordant Earth

I also managed to pick up some Mordant Earth and give the “lava” effect that people have been showing off a go. My son went with Templar Guard Blue as his base, whereas I went with Warpstone Green + Moot Green. I think they turned out alright. Dead simple.

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