November 11, 2019 overlord 0

“For many long years, the ork warlord known as the Overfiend of Octarius has bedevilled the Imperium, ruling his alien empire in the heart of […]

5-week break

November 3, 2019 overlord 0

It’s been nearly 5 weeks since I’ve touched a brush/mini, so I worked on the Doomsday Ark cannon. #necrons #warhammer40k #minipainting

Necrons vs Raptors

August 31, 2019 overlord 0

Necrons vs Raptors 0-4 conceded at end of round 3 on The Four Pillars. Brought a bunch of troops but when the Tomb Blades and […]

Rise of the Red Wraiths

August 25, 2019 overlord 0

So over the weekend, I got cracking and Leadbelcher-ed my 3 sprues of Canoptek Wraiths from out the Apocalypse Outrider Detachment box. I then went […]

The Mperor provides…

August 20, 2019 overlord 0

Well I just got my shipment from Mperor and I have to say I’m really happy with their prompt service and delivery. #necrons #outriderdetachment #drukhari […]

I’m in the 2K Club!

August 17, 2019 overlord 0

So with the impending Outrider Detachement, I did what any sane 40K player would do and popped all the units into BattleScribe — into my […]